Monet: The Early Years


Brent Jensen at Monet Exhibit

Monet: The Early Years is being exhibited at The Legion of Honor in San Francisco until May 29, 2017. I went on a Sunday morning at 10 am and there was plenty of space to view Monet’s many oil paintings on display. This exhibit was my favorite of all Monet exhibitions I’ve been to over the years. Personally liking Monet’s style in his earlier years helps. Learning more about the places he lived as a struggling artists and the rejections he endured at certain gallery shows was inspiring. He never let anything stand in the way of his passion to paint and create what are now considered some of the most well known oil paintings in the world. If you are in the San Francisco area in May, I recommend you add this museum show to your itinerary.

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Brent Jensen

Plein air and studio fine art Impressionist oil painter.